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Finally an Easy Way to Find H1B Jobs on LinkedIn

We have been busy here at H1BPay thinking about creative solutions to serve current and prospective H1B visa holders. Lately, we have been looking into ways to make it easy to find H1B jobs on popular job boards. It is a common problem that several job seekers reported to us. So one of our engineers came up with a creative solution: H1B Salaries Visualizer.

Find H1B Jobs on LinkedIn

H1B Salaries visualizer is a Google Chrome extension built for H1B job seekers. At the moment, H1B Salaries Visualizer only support LinkedIn’s Job board. Specifically, it shows which companies sponsor the H1B visa on LinkedIn’s Job Page. For each job listing card, the extension adds an H1B specific label. We use a green button for companies that sponsor the H1B visa and a red cross-mark for those that don’t.

H1B jobs on LinkedIn

The green button (shown below) links to the H1B salaries page for the sponsoring company. For instance, the button in Amazon’s job listing links to Amazon’s salaries page.

The extension also works on individual job listing pages. Below you can see how we added an H1B salaries button to the LinkedIn Job listing. Also note how we labeled additional H1B jobs on the right sidebar.

200,000+ H1B Companies

The Chrome extension is powered by H1BPay’s 2.5 million H1B salaries database. We have collected salaries for more than 200,000 companies covering all the major industries from engineering to finance. Don’t waste time researching companies and install H1B Salaries Visualizer today.

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