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More than 2.5 Million H-1B salaries indexed

When we first launched H1BPay, we limited our database to 800,000 H-1B salaries from 500 major companies. Today, we announce that we have successfully indexed all H-1B salaries going back to 2012. H1BPay now hosts more than 2,500,000 H-1B salaries covering 200,000 US companies. Some of the new companies that we added include Boeing, AT&T and Cloudera.


According to our latest data, the average salary of a Structural Analysis Engineer at Boeing in Everett, WA is $102,832. Salaries for the same position are similar in neighboring Renton, WA (average of $115,790). However, they tend to be far lower in other areas of the country like Columbus, IN. Among other H-1B eligible job titles at Boeing we can find Senior Systems Engineers, Marketing and Sales specialists and Numerical Control Programmers.


With H1-B employees in 124 cities, AT&T is one of the major sponsors of the work visa. The company operates as multiple subsidiaries such as AT&T Service and AT&T Mobility Services. Combined, all of AT&T subsidiaries and the parent company provide sponsorship for 286 different positions. Technical Staff  is the most sponsored H1-B category within AT&T. For instance, there were 43 sponsorships for a Senior Member of Technical Staff over the last 4 years with an average salary of $114,309.


A quick search in our website shows 79 Software Engineering salaries across 5 different cities at Cloudera. Palo Alto is the city with most Software Engineers at Cloudera. The salary of a Software Engineer at Cloudera in Palo Alto has increased by an average of 4% over the last 5 years. These salaries vary a little between San Francisco and Palo Alto but they are $35,000 lower in Austin, TX.

For more data, feel free to use our search engine at to search through more than 2.5 million H-1B salaries.

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