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Welcome to H1BPay – Your new H-1B salary data portal!

With more than 100,000 H-1B visas issued every year, H-1B is the go-to visa for temporary workers in the US. Most of these workers usually find themselves lost in the big, complex and diverse US job market. Specifically, there is very few quality resources for H-1B salary data. So in order to assist current and future H-1B visa holders with their job search, we built H1BPay.

H1BPay is a comprehensive H-1B salary data portal. It provides a search engine, an easy to use interface and ergonomic graphs to visualize data.

H-1B Salaries Search Engine

H1BPay’s search engine allows quick access to a specific job position. A user can search by company, city or job title. They can also combine search queries. Our most popular search query at the moment is for the salaries of a Software Engineer at Facebook.


When a user submits a search query, H1BPay displays a search results page with all the salary details pages found. H1BPay also shows the average, minimum and maximum salaries for each job title.


H1BPay’s Interface

At H1BPay, we strive to provide the best user experience. Our users can easily browse 800,000 salaries at 500 companies located in 1600 cities. In order to visualize salary data for a specific job title, the user should first pick a company:


Then, they should choose a city where the company is located:


Finally, we direct the user to the job titles page that also displays aggregate salary data. Each job title has a salary details page associated with it (described next).


H-1B Salary data Visualization

The salary details page shows two key metrics. First, it displays salaries by range. So for a given salary, the user can tell where that salary stands among other salaries for the same position in the company. For instance, the graph below shows that the top 11% Software Engineers make a salary of at least $166,000.


Second, it shows the evolution of the average salary over time. For instance, the average salary for a Software Engineer at Facebook in Menlo Park, CA increased by an average of 6% year over year between 2012 and 2016.


Search Facebook and other companies’ salaries at

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