About Us

Our mission

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive portal that offers useful resources for current and future H1B visa holders including salary data, career advice and news updates.

Our team

Our team is composed of former H1B visa holders, software engineers and data enthusiasts who are all aware of the struggles that face foreign workers in the United States. We are also best-suited to provide the appropriate resources and build adequate tools for current and future H1B visa holders.

Our methodology

In order to provide an accurate picture of salaries for H1B holders, we collected raw data published quarterly by the United States Department of Labor. We indexed 2,500,000 salaries from 200,000 companies for 10,000 job titles located in 1600 different cities. Then we aggregated the data in a way that makes it easy to have an idea of global trends in the market and displayed it on ergonomic graphs for an interactive experience.